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Thursday, August 21, 2014

What to Do When Life Goes CRAZY

Hi Friends,

What a week here!  We started with 9 hours at the barn with the equine dentist, followed by a trip up to the chinchilla rescue to adopt 3 chinchillas, followed by a bout of kidney stones (for me - ugh, again), all day at the doctor, various sores and sicknesses, first day of Kindergarten for Jayden and first day of school for 3 of the others, first full week of high school for Bethany, and I flooded the bathroom this morning in a fluke accident, and … oh there's so much more!

All that to say … we need your prayers!

Because sometimes life just gets a little crazy.  Sometimes things don't go as planned.  Sometimes you turn on the shower, get a bloody nose, run to deal with that, the nozzle turns, and the whole bathroom floods and there are new waterspots on the ceiling in the basement.  Sometimes you're mopping up a mess instead of having a refreshing shower.

And sometimes you're in such pain you don't know up from down … and then it passes.  Sometimes it's a new day, with new challenges, and new opportunities.  Sometimes you don't know whether you should laugh or cry or just shake your head.

Because often life is nothing like you expect.  And that's when God is working.  That's when He's doing something deep.

So, I watch for these times … times like this week when everything is, well, just weird.  When I don't understand, wasn't prepared, and life threw me a curveball (actually, several of them).

Maybe you've had these times too.  Maybe there are times when things seem to "pile on" and every time you turn there's some new challenge, something else that seems to be going wrong, something you didn't want and didn't expect and don't have a contingency plan for.

Don't despair.  God has your back.  He has not forgotten you, has not abandoned you, has not looked away.  He is there.  He is with you.  And He is working.  Hang in there, friends!

And pray … for me, for each other, for God to be doing a deep work in us all … especially in weeks like this one.  Have hope, keep on, and trust Him … always, especially now.

Finally, a poem to ponder:

May I live a living life,
Not a living death,
A life that sees beyond today,
Beyond the clouds of trouble,
Past the darkness of doubt,
A life that knows the reality
Of promises yet to come true,
Of hope on new horizons,
Of prayer.