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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Five Unusual Lessons Learned from TEC

Hi Friends,

I spent last weekend with a bunch of amazing teens learning about Jesus and His love at TEC (Teens Encounter Christ).  It was a great time (though I still haven’t caught up on my sleep!). 

Meanwhile, I’ve been pondering a few less-than-obvious things I learned during the fun-crazy-deep-moving-exhausting-energizing-incredible weekend.  Here they are:

1)  There is great value in Kickin’ with Christ.  (Which was not only the name of our soccer-themed table, but also our philosophy.)  All things – recreation, fun, laughter, enjoyment, spending time with friends – should be done with Christ so they’ll be the best times they can be! 

2)  Don’t eat bad eggs.  When you smell something funny, and then you’re told not to indulge – listen and  don’t eat those eggs.  This also works well for sin.  When something doesn’t smell right and God says “No!” listen up.  The eggs are bad.  Don’t even take a bite!  (It ‘s a shame Adam and Eve didn’t follow this philosophy.)

3)  Enjoy everything – ESPECIALLY the unexpected and when things are opposite of what you planned … that’s when God is doing deep and wonderful things! 

4)  God can even use a nudist camp skit to bring joy… find His joy even the most unlikely places!  And laugh.

5)  Let a teen teach you to dance (thank you, Hannah).  Sometimes even those of us who seem confident need a friendly hand to bring them into the fun and show them how to dance … this is true for actual dancing and also in the dance of life with God!

Thanks to everyone who made it a wonderful weekend full of God-moments, laughter, and much joy!