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Friday, August 29, 2014

Afraid? Exhausted? Grumpy? Here's Hope!

Hi Friends,

Well, another crazy week here.  My kidney stones seem to have passed (no pain right now) but the X-rays were inconclusive and the doc says he's "very concerned" about me, so I'm off to get a CT scan on Tuesday, and will get the results the following Monday.  Doc wants to be sure there are no stones blocking anything and damaging my kidneys and the X-rays aren't precise enough to know that.  That with Bryan's back getting hurt, meetings every single night this week, and the regular crazy has made me, well, just a little grumpy. ;-/

Then, I happened upon this poem I wrote long ago and in it I found hope today.  I found a moment to pause, to hear Him, to remember the One who loves me and calls me to His side, calls me to be His bride.

I needed that moment.

So, if you're struggling with fear, with exhaustion, with disappointment, doubt, or just got the grumpies because life's a little too much right now, I hope you'll take a moment too, take a deep breath, read, and soak for a time in God's call to you … his beckoning, his whisper, his invitation … to be free in Him.

My King calls out to me,
His voice filled with light,
With joy undimmed by others' sin,
Shining through my night.
My burdens fall at my feet
As I follow Him
Who makes my heart beat fast and firm,
All else grows far and dim.
Freed from all but Him I love,
Freed from fears so grim,
Free to laugh and dance and play,
Free to be free in Him.
His eyes, warm and gentle,
Draw me to His side.
"Come, live and love with me.

Come, be my bride!"