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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Living TODAY with God

Hi Friends,
Today as I’m looking at all that needs to be done - a marketing packet for my new book, the next chapter for that same book, cleaning and laundry, taking care of kids, reading this, planning for that, picking up something else, getting kids here and there, cleaning cages and stalls, and of course, this blog ... God is whispering to me, reminding me of what’s true, what’s important.  He is calling me to Himself.  
Perhaps, in your busyness, He’s calling you too.  If so, here is a poem to ponder.  It encouraged me today - I hope it will encourage you too!
All God asks for is today,
To live today with Him,
Today walk and talk with Christ,
That now I be like Him.

He asks not for yesterday,
To change the days gone by,
Or fix all that has gone wrong
Before this breath in time.

He asks not for tomorrow,
For great dreams to be,
Or all I'll do for Him someday
When fortune favors me.

No, He asks only for today,
This moment that I live,
That here I kneel at His feet,
And live my now with Him.