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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Finding God's Love in the Crazies of Life

Hi Friends!

Been a bit of a crazy week, and a crazy day For example, Bria couldn't find her Sharks jersey this morning and had a complete and utter meltdown about it.  For nearly an hour.  Turns out the jersey was sitting on her dresser.  UGH. 

So, as I was trying to stop my head from spinning because of that, I began to think of all the ways  God communicates his love to me in the midst of the craziness of life.  Below is a poem that captures just a few of the ways God whispers his love into my life, and perhaps into yours:

His Messages of Love

A baby gurgles a laugh and claps her hands with glee.
A flower raises its radiant head to smile at the sun.
A raindrop giggles as it hits the pane and dances to the ground.
Do you see God?

Oak leaves whisper mysteries as the wind sighs and sings.
The ocean roars an ancient hymn to glorify its King.
The sparrow carols choruses that speak of Heavenly care.
Do you hear God?

Wildflowers woo honeybees to petals of blue and gold.
A pine tree waves green branches to bathe the wind with spice.
Chocolate chip cookies bubble and bake, welcoming you home.
Do you smell God?

A strawberry glows red and ripe as it anoints your tongue with nectar.
A child smiles sweetly and offers her ice cream cone.
Hot cocoa wiggles warm fingers to tickle your tummy with delight.
Do you taste God?

A breeze gently caresses your cheek, a breath from Heaven's throne.
A sunbeam shimmers across your brow, a benediction from above.
A friend clasps you in his arms to show that you are loved.
Do you feel God?

Along the folds of all the flowers,
Within the depths of every heart,
Across the canvas of each day’s moment,
God has left His messages of love.