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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Drawing Near to God

Hi Friends,

Got hit with a bit of a flu bug or something yesterday (no fun!), but am feeling improved today - just very tired.  So, I had some time to think and pray (and nap ... between sprints to the bathroom).  Here are a few poems that get to the heart of my prayers:

Pillar of Fire
based on Exodus 13

Lord, be to me a pillar of fire,
Illuminating my night.
Lead me, guide me
Through this desert of life.
Shine bright upon my path.
Protect me from the jackals.
Burn hot and deep,
Searing my soul with your light.
Be to me a pillar of fire,
Burning, unquenchable, in my heart.

The Moth 
As a moth is drawn to light,
So am I drawn to You, my God.
Though the darkness presses in around me,
And my wings have wearied in the night,
Though I beat against unrelenting glass,
Still my heart longs for Your light.
I will keep flying, fluttering, straining
To be closer, closer, closer yet
To You, my desire, my life, my love,
Closer to Jesus, my Light.