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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

TV Appearance News & Thoughts on Motherhood

Hi Friends,

A number of you have asked about my upcoming TV interviews, so here's the schedule for that, on the week before Mother's Day:

1) The Harvest Show on Wed., 5-6, 6-7am (I’ll be only about 10 minutes of that). I get DirecTV, which has the Harvest Show airing on WHT, channel 367. I don’t know what it is for other TV systems.
2) 100 Huntley Street on Friday, 5-8, showing various times during the day. On DirecTV it’s on NRB, channel 378. I’m supposed to be on for about 20 minutes of the hour long show.

I hope some of you can tune in, or TiVo it! And please pray for me! My kidney stones are acting up and this will be baby's first big trip, so there are two big areas where something could go really wrong. Yikes!

Next, I was recently asked some questions about being a mother, and thought I'd share a part of that interview here in honor of Mother's Day coming up. So here ya go:

1. In what ways do your children bless your life, your home?

My children are such a beautiful reminder of God’s goodness and grace. I find as they discover God, I rediscover Him along with them. When their eyes are opened to who He is, what He’s done, and His love for them, I see God in new and deeper ways too. So, they’ve added a deeper level of insight into the wonder of our loving God. I love seeing Him anew through their eyes!

2. Has motherhood lived up to your expectations? Do the joys outweigh the sacrifices?

My mother-in-law says that mothering is the hardest job you’ll ever love. And she’s right! The chaos of the days, the struggles with discipline, the questions, the challenges, the temper tantrums, and yes, even the laundry, are much harder than I anticipated. But the wonder of seeing them grow and mature, discover new things, and learn to love one another and God far outweighs the sacrifices.

3. What do you enjoy the most about being a mom?

I love being the one who teaches them how to make wise choices, to read, to write, to know God, and to see the world in truth. And I love watching them learn to make those good choices, to love God, and develop as unique individuals. They are amazing to me.

4. What do you enjoy the most about your children?

I very much enjoy how they’re so different from one another. God has given them each their individual gifts. And they also have their individual stumbling blocks. For example, one has an incredible perception of God, right and wrong, and what it means to live in Christ. But she also is the first to complain. Another loves to learn, but she also doesn’t always tell the truth. Another gets into absolutely everything, but has such a kind and happy spirit. Another can be so sweet, but she throws the most awful tantrums. So, despite the tough parts of their personalities, I love seeing how God has made them into such unique individuals. I love seeing them grow in their strengths, and learning to overcome their weakness. I love seeing them grow more and more into the people God wants them to. And I love being a part of that.

5. Considering the years of struggle you went through to become a mother, do you believe you have a deeper appreciation for your children than you would have had children come easily for you?

All those years and years of infertility have taught me what a wondrous and incredible gift my children are. Knowing how many things have to fall perfectly in place for a child to be conceived, grow, and be born healthy, makes me realize what a true miracle they are.

Don’t get me wrong though – there are times when the chaos, the yelling, the naughtiness, the crazies get so bad that I wonder what I was thinking wanting to be a mom. But those times pass. And knowing how hard it was to become a mother makes me determined not to miss any of the “good stuff” – the teaching, the fun times, the school and church events, the moments together that make up their childhood. I have a lot of commitments, and a lot to do, but remembering the struggle to have my kids reminds me to not let those commitments get in the way of the things that are really important, like being a good mom to my kids.

6. Now as a mother, what are some challenges you face?

Three year old twins – need I say more?!!? Just last week my twins found a pair of itty-bitty travel scissors and gave each other haircuts. They said they wanted to be “boo-ti-ful.” Well, with quarter-inch long bangs, beautiful’s a few months off. Some days it seems that I all I say is “No! Don’t write on that. Get down from there. Be nice to your sister. Don’t scream. That’s not for you. Put that down. Don’t do that. Eat your food. Don’t put that up your nose . . .”

Other than that, my biggest challenge is finding the time to do everything I want to do with the kids – teach them, read to them, do crafts with them, plus do my regular work, my writing (I’m on deadline for the next book – yikes!), my church work, housework, plus be a good wife, friend, daughter, etc.

7. What are some challenges you have worked through?

At our house, we talk a lot about how to choose wisely, and be the way God wants us to be. We talk about being kind to one another and always telling the truth. You get in trouble for doing something bad, but you get in a lot more trouble if you lie about it. And in all things, if you’ve done wrong, you have to both pray and ask God to forgive you and also ask the person who you wronged to forgive you.

Also, I’m working through the time challenge, believing that God won’t call me to more than I can do. If he has asked me to do all these things, He’ll help me to do them all well – be a good mother, wife, writer, and child of God. I’m depending on Him to help me do what’s right in the time He’s given me.


RefreshMom said...

Thanks for sharing these thoughts Marlo. Our paths to Mommyhood weren't the same, but seeing your journey inspired me from the beginning to appreciate all of it because it is such a blessing (although I'd like to be blessed with a little less of that "Don’t scream. That’s not for you. Put that down. Don’t do that. Eat your food..." stuff!). I'll be praying for your upcoming trip. I hope it's great fun and little stress. (Do you have someone coming along to help with the baby business?)

Marlo Schalesky said...

Yep, Bryan's coming with me. Yay!