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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New News, New Horse, New Insights

Hi Friends!

New news in Books: Beyond the Night placed second in the Lories Published contest in the single title contemporary romance category. I'm always so please when an inspirational book places in non-inspirational categories. That means that Beyond the Night beat out books of the much more steamy variety. Yay!

New news in Health: My kidney stone surgery went fine last week. We won't know for another week or so how well it worked though. Here's hoping the stones broke up and will pass. All prayers appreciated!

New news in Horses: We got a new horse this week. We traded our Palomino, Biscuit, for the sweetest little Paint mare named Oreo. She's just awesome - much safer for the girls than Biscuit was, and such a well-behaved and friendly girl. We just love her.

New Insights (or, What I Learned from Getting Oreo): God can take even our mistakes and transform them into something good for us. We made a mistake in buying Biscuit. Once we realized it, we couldn't find anyone to buy him and we couldn't find any charities to donate him to. It seemed like our mistake was permanent. But instead, a friend of a friend agreed to a trade, and we got Oreo. She's perfect for us - a horse that was never for sale and would never be a part of our family if not for Biscuit. She's safe, she's sweet, and the girls love riding her (even at a canter). So, I'm encouraged! Sometimes we're in the middle of our mistakes and can't see how they'll ever be redeemed. We can't undo them, we can't wish them away. But God can transform them. He can make them into something that works for our good. Even when we can't imagine it. Even when it seems unlikely, doubtful, or even just downright impossible. So, be encouraged, my friends! Even our mistakes aren't beyond the reach of God's mercy and grace. Hooray!