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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Hi Wonder-Seekers!

Whoo hoo, yippee, yay, yahoo, happy-Snoopy-dance … WRESTLING WITH WONDER is finally here.

If you're looking for a moving read, something that will touch the deep parts of your soul and offer hope and encouragement in all of life's crazy circumstances, then this book is for you!

If everything's going perfectly in your life, just as planned and expected, no surprises, no detours, no messes, no disappointments or doubts … well, then, this is definitely NOT the book for you.  You'll just have to buy it as a gift for a friend instead!

So, you can get the book anywhere you like to buy your books.  If that happens to be Amazon, here's a convenient link: http://amzn.to/1n6BoEs

There's also more info, including a sample chapter and an interview, as well as other convenient purchase links, on my website at www.marloschalesky.com/Nonfiction

And now, just for fun, here's something extra just for my blog readers.  There are two small sections that were cut from the end of the chapters -- a "Listen to the Whisperer" section and a section of Journal Prompts.

Here are those two sections from the end of chapter one:

Listen to the Whisperer ... Making It Real, Making it Personal
Close your eyes.  Imagine the angel Gabriel appearing in front of you.  He approaches you.  And speaks.  He begins with a call to rejoice.  He gives you a new name.  And he affirms God’s presence.  
Listen to God.  Do not be afraid.  He is calling you.  Perhaps he’s saying something like this: 
Be happy, my favored one, I am right here, so very close to you. Don’t let fear determine your hopes and actions anymore.  I am inviting you to live fear-free, to live in a new kind of joy.  I love you.  You are mine.  And today, I am whispering a new call in your ear.  I’m asking you to release all those things that you thought your life ought to be.  Instead, come to me, embrace my plans, my dreams for you.  You don’t see them all now, but I’ve prepared a life especially for you, a life that will shape you into my glorious masterpiece, a reflection of Jesus, my son.  Wait for me.  Believe it’s true.  Remember all I have done.  Trust me, for I know the plans I have for you, and they are filled with mystery, and wonder ...

Journaling prompts:  
Get a piece of paper or open your journal.  Write the word “Rejoice!” at the top of the page.  Then, consider this:  If God were to give you a new name today, what would it be?  Beloved?  Favored One?  Precious Child? Write that name next to the word “Rejoice!”  
Below that, write five words that stood out to you in this chapter.
In a new paragraph,  write about the goals and dreams you’ve had for your life.  Take a moment, and then put a big X across those dreams.  
Next, write down what the angel Gabriel might say to you, specifically and personally.  What is the impossible thing that he is calling you to today?  Write God’s special call to you.
Then, make a list of the impossible, improbable things that God has already brought about in your life and/or the lives of those you know.  Meditate on what he’s done.
Now, reread his call to you.

Finally, if you dare, write your response.  What will you say to this God who is both dream-taker and dream-maker?  Will you surrender?