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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Need Refreshment? Waters of Grace are Available!

Hi Friends!

Well, we're three whole days into our summer routine, and the kids are having a great time and I'm … hanging in there and making adjustments to said summer routine! :-)  Here's what we're doing:

--Getting up, getting ready, taking care of critters
--Reading together one chapter of John
--Reading together one chapter of Hinds Feet on High Places (my favorite!)
--Doing a fun God-centered activity
--Practicing instruments
--Doing Projects (my next project for them is getting them to clean up the big ol' mess upstairs!)
--Outdoor time in the afternoon (including horses, volleyball, biking, running around the lawn, swimming, hiking, whatever)

Today, for our fun God-centered activity, we played charades, of something that reminds of us God.  Some did the wind, or a bird, or a growing plant.  I did water.  I did it because you can't live very long without water.  It brings life and growth and hope.  And when you get it, it doesn't just keep you alive, it's also refreshing, cleansing, cooling, and purifying.

Water changes everything.  God, His presence, changes everything.  Where it was once dry and hopeless, there is life, refreshment and hope.  Where I was once parched and filthy, I can be filled with life and clean.  Ah, I want to drink deeply of the living water that is my Jesus!

My Secret Heart
Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; 
all your waves and breakers have swept over me.  
Psalm 42:7 NIV
Deep within my secret heart
Where vision finds its life,
Deeper yet than all my doubts,
Where dreams give birth to hope renewed,
Where the searing edge of fear is quenched,
Beyond the shouts of enemies,
To the place where life emerges free, unhindered,
Bubbling from wellsprings deeper still,
Roaring from waterfalls of Heaven,
Where no one else may ever see,
There, and only there, is truly me,
Kneeling in the throne room of my King,

His waves and breakers cleansing me.