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Friday, June 27, 2014

Crossing a Dangerous Road? Take His Hand!

Hi Friends,

A new interview on my infertility journey was posted today. For some encouragement, check it out here:

Also, our friend, Doug Huckins, will be having quadruple bypass open heart surgery this coming

Tuesday, so please be praying for him and his family!  His upcoming surgery reminded me once again of the dangers of walking in this world and how we need to be holding the hand of the Father through it all.  So, along those lines, here is a poem to ponder:


"Take my hand, child,"
The father says, his hand extended,
As they step from the curb
To face the dangers of the untamed street.
"Take my hand," he says,
Because a child must not walk alone.
So the father takes hold of the child's hand,
And the child knows he is loved.

"Take my hand, child,"
The Father says, His hand extended,
As I step from the curb of my safe life
To face the dangers of my untamed world.
"Take my hand," He says,
Because a child of God must not walk alone.
So the Father takes hold of my hand,

And I know I am loved.


Lisa {Amateur Nester} said...

Marlo, thanks for letting me share your journey with my readers. Doug and his family are close friends of mine, too, and we are praying for him. Thanks for spreading the word and asking for prayers for him, too.

Heidi Mann said...

Absolutely gorgeous and profound poem, Marlo! Thank you so much!


Marlo Schalesky said...

Thanks Lisa & Heidi!