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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Words of Wisdom on Bethany's Birthday

Hi Friends,

My oldest becomes a teenager today (Happy Birthday, Bethany!!), and I am filled with gratitude and joy.  Thank You, Lord, for Bethany!!  Thank You for her joy, her love for You, her wisdom, her laughter, her amazing inner beauty.  Thank You for creating her and giving her to us.  What a gift she is!!

I remember the years and years of trying to conceive before we had her.  I remember the seemingly endless mother's days with empty arms.  I remember the prayers and tears, the hopes and disappointments.

I remember the lessons that God's love for me doesn't rely on circumstances, on prayers answered the way I want, on gifts given when I ask for them.

And I remember that for 13 years, God has shown me through one beautiful, vibrant, loving girl that God is beautiful, vibrant, and loving.

So today, as I kiss my daughter's forehead on my special "Mom's-kissing-spot" and send her off to school, I thank God for the gift of Bethany, and I remember all she's taught me:

--Every day is a party.
--Enjoy life's regular moments.
--Find ways to have fun every day ... even when there's still work to be done.
--Rearrange the furniture every so often just for the fun of it.
--Embrace change.
--Pink is a good color after all.
--Revel in God's amazing love.
--Be wise and listen to God.
--Spend time with those you love.
--Enjoy your friends.
--Laugh, love, listen.
--Be grateful.
--Trust God always, even in the dark.