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Friday, January 18, 2013

Jordyn's Birthday - Lessons in Getting Clean

Hi Friends,

Well, baby Jordyn turned two this week, so we had a fun time looking back and remembering all she's taught us about life and God, love and learning in these past two years. 

And while we reminisced, I recalled the lessons learned at her very first bath.  

Here are some things I learned from her at bathtime:

1) Sometimes we make a mess of ourselves.

2) We can't clean ourselves. We need Someone who loves us to do it for us.

3) Getting clean can be a little scary, but there's no use crying about it.

4) If you want to be clean, you have to trust the One doing the cleaning. Rest in His hands, even when the waters splash around you.

5) To really be clean, God has to wash the nooks and crannies -- those places we may not see.

6) You don't come out of a bath looking perfect - your hair may stick up and your skin may be a little wrinkled. Don't worry about appearances - it's getting clean that counts.

7) You're going to make a mess of yourself again, so trust God to know when another bath is needed.

8) God loves you. Let Him do what's needed to make you clean.