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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rodeo Wonder

Hi Friends,

In case you didn't hear (or see the photos on Facebook!), last weekend I got to carry the American Flag during the Pageant of the Flags at the California Rodeo (pronounced RO-DAY-O) in Salinas.  Lots of fun, and of course, God showed me something about Himself and me in the process.

He showed me that I'm a lot like Jewel, my beautiful half-Arab, half-Fox Trotter mare.  You see, in the American Flag position, you're supposed to lope two slow circles with the flag, then stand quietly, with the flag flying.  But Jewel likes to GO.  Faster is better.  Slow circles aren't so much fun.  And standing and waiting ... well, that wasn't her favorite part either.

I know how she feels.  Because right now in my life, it feels like God is holding back on the reins.  I want to run straight out, and maybe he's saying that instead He has me in the slow circle  position.  So, like Jewel, I snort a bit and tug on the reins.  And then I lope.  And I stand.  And I try not fidget.

Like her, I don't understand why I'm not running full-speed ahead.  But maybe God knows.  Maybe he sees the pattern and is checking me up so I can run the race HE has set out for me, and run it well and beautifully (see Hebrews 12:1).  As beautifully as Jewel.

At least I hope so.  I trust so.

And as I lope, and as I wait, (and fidget just a bit!), may His banner fly full of beauty and wonder above my head ... to the glory of God!!


Nicole M. Miller said...

So amazing - I know that feeling well! Both the flag flying and wanting to charge ahead!

Love the pictures and loved the blog!

Nicole (has-been rodeo queen)

Laura Wrede said...

Marlo your words of wisdom are a constant encouragement.You aren't loping in that at all! Thank you for your amazing word-painting lessons. Be blessed!!


Marlo Schalesky said...

Thanks so much!! I really appreciate your encouraging words, Nicole & Laura. :-) And Nicole - rodeo queen, how fun!!

Unknown said...

Great analogy that I can certainly relate to! thanks for sharing.