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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What a New Baby Taught Me About Life...

Hi Friends,

I used some lessons from new baby at the women's retreat last weekend, and I thought it would be fun to share them here. These are some things that I learned from baby Jordyn last year, in the few weeks after she was born. (The point of using them in my talk was that God puts glimpses of His truth and wonder all around us - we just need to open our eyes and ears to see/hear what He's saying in our everyday lives.)

New baby lessons:

1) It's easiest to rest when you're tucked into the arms of someone who loves you. May I remember that I am tucked in the arms of God today, he loves me, I am not alone. What can be better than that?

2) (during her first real bath): Becoming clean can be scary, so it's important to trust the One doing the washing, even when the waters splash up around you. May I relax and trust God to make me clean, even when circumstances seem scary or new!

3) It's easier to be changed if you're not thrashing about fighting the procedure. So, next time I've made a mess and God wants to change me, may I remember to be still and know that He's God.

4) Baby had gas last night. What I learned: It's hard to take in the good stuff you need (wisdom, God's Word, peace, love) when you're full of hot air. :-)

5) Being hungry makes you cranky. So, when I'm anxious or irritable, perhaps I'm really just hungry for more of God. May I turn to Him to fill me!

6) When you know you're loved, you can take a lot more poking and prodding (baby puts up with A LOT from her 2 yo big brother who just adores her). So, how is God prodding you lately? Remember, it's because He loves and adores you!

7) When you're feeling well fed, you can put up with a lot. Make sure you're taking in plenty of God's Word and wisdom because life rarely goes as planned! (Learned while filling baby Jordyn up with milk at the urgent care yesterday while finding out that Bethany's wrist was indeed broken.)

8) Life lesson from baby delivery: Be wise and be ready because you don't really know how much time you have (learned after dilly-dallying here at home and getting to the hospital only 45 minutes before baby was born).