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Friday, January 13, 2012

Why I Want To Be Like Tim Tebow...

Hi Friends,

With the whole country talking about Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos this week, I thought I'd weigh in too. Usually, I'm fairly skeptical about celebrities touting their Christianity. They often make me squirm because the God they tout often seems so different from the humble Savior that I know. But to me, Tim Tebow seems different. He inspires me.

Now let me start with a disclaimer -- I'm not a Broncos fan. Don't really care one way or another if they win or lose. (Alas, I am a Vikings fan. Condolences and sympathy cards may be sent to.... ;-)) But there's just something about this young, bright-eyed, in-love-with-Jesus quarterback that moves me. Maybe it's that he just seems so genuine. Maybe it's because he plays the game with such passion and joy (no matter how the game is going). Maybe it's because his teammates love him as much as his fans. Maybe it's just nice to see someone who meets success with honest humility. I don't know, but something about Tim Tebow makes me want to love Jesus more. And that's something worth celebrating.

So, as I watch this kid play the game he loves and give thanks and honor to God while he's doing it, I've decided I want to be like Tim. I want to:

1) Thank and praise God whether I win or lose...
2) Play the game with passion and joy in good times as well as bad...
3) Encourage and cheer on my teammates when I'm just the backup as well as when I'm starting on the field...
4) Believe just as fiercely when the game is going well or when it's not.
5) Live as if I truly do believe all things really are possible with God.

Mostly, I want to encounter life like Tim Tebow plays football -- with JOY, with PASSION, loving Jesus with all my heart and loving my teammates as myself ... when I throw a touchdown and when I fumble the ball. So, thank you, Tim Tebow for inspiring me to love God more fully, follow him more passionately, and live in JOY and HUMILITY in all circumstances!