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Monday, May 18, 2009

Deadly Competition by Roxanne Rustand

Hi Friends,

I've got a couple new books to tell you about this week. First, in fiction is Deadly Competition by Roxanne Rustand.

Here's a bit about it:

The single mother hasn't been found. And all her daughter, Sarah, has is her uncle. Clueless at parenting, Clint Herald seeks a loving, responsible nanny. What he finds instead is a stranger as mysterious as his sister's disappearance. Mandy Erick is secretive and seems scared, yet she's so good with Sarah that Clint can't help but trust her. In fact, he even enters Mandy in the town's Mother of the Year contest. But attention is the last thing Mandy wants. Her time in the public eye may prove just as dangerous as she fears.

For more about Roxanne Rustand, visit http://www.roxannerustand.com/ and her new blog "All Creatures Great and Small."