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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Where Are You This Christmas??

Hi Friends,

Well, tomorrow's the big day for baby-having, so I'm posting a thought early this week. Hopefully my next post will have GOOD NEWS. :-)

Meanwhile, here's a poem I wrote for you to think about for this Christmas season. It's one of my favorite writings:


Where was I
When the King was born?
Was I at the inn,
Too crowded for Him,
With packages, boxes, and bags?

Where was I
When God became man?
Tending sheep far away,
Lest one go astray,
Blind to even the angels?

Where was I
When Christ first wept?
Was I on the road,
Rushing to and fro,
Too busy to notice the star?

Where am I
This Christmastide?
Am I in the stall,
Forsaking all,
To worship the King of kings?


Lisa said...

Hi Marlo - I was wondering to myself if your little one had arrived yet so I thought I would check out your blog. I also wanted to let you know that I am keeping you in my prayers these days as I know life is so full for you and being in the last weeks of pregnancy is a challenge. May your new son join us soon and may our Lord fill you with rest that gives you strength for each day. God bless you my friend!

Caleb's Momma said...

We are praying, and so looking forward to meeting our new nephew!!!

RefreshMom said...

Hi Marlo--I've been thinking about you; can't wait to hear the details about the arrival of baby brother! May you be blessed with a calm, peaceful, sweet delivery. Mary