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Saturday, December 6, 2008


Hi Friends!

Well, here's the BIG NEWS at last: Little Jayden was born last Wednesday night at 10:30pm. 8 lbs, 2 oz., 20.5 inches long. A what a sweetie he is!

Incredible labor experience. He'd been head down for weeks, then we go in to have him, and they can't feel his head ... get out the ultrasound and he's flipped up -- breech. Ack! But we see he has lots of room in there (probably from the twins stretching things out last time ... Bryan says baby was living in a two bedroom condo in there - ha!). So, my BRILLIANT doctor (really, she is fantastic), Dr. Beck, says we should try to invert him. Inversions aren't done too often, and they only work about 30% of the time when they do try it, but she's up for trying. So, she gets another doc from the practice and in they come. Lots of pressing and me gritting my teeth, but they do it. They get him turned. Bryan says it was an incredible thing to see. You could see baby's outline rising up from my tummy and then rotating (all I saw was the bedrail as I tried not to holler!). None of the nurses (or even the other doctor who helped) had ever seen one done before. Really cool.

So, then we start the pitocin. Hours later, no baby ... and we can't feel the head again. Ultrasound again. But he's only overshot a bit and has his shoulder presenting, his head a bit to the side. Doc pushes him in line again. More pitocin. More hours. They check again. Still a head, but with a little hand too. Doc stuffs the hand back up and in. More time. Check again. Now there's a head (still) plus a foot. Doc shoves the foot back up and in. A bit more time. Then, he drops down. Contractions intensify so bad that I'm dying even with the epidural they gave me. INTENSE PAIN. Thirty minutes later, I've gone from 6 cm (which took most of the day), all the way to 10cm. PUSH! Twenty minutes later, there's baby with the cord wrapped around his neck twice! Slip the cord off (yay - it's not tight!), and he's perfectly fine.

He's nursing great, sleeping okay, and isn't nearly as loud as his sisters - ha! I'm trying to get some sleep and do some healing up. But we are SO THANKFUL for him. What a blessing.

And now, a few more pictures:

Bethany with new baby brother at the hospital:

Joelle with new baby:

Me with my miracle doctor:


RefreshMom said...

Congratulations! Welcome Jayden. What a dramatic entrance! Babies are precious any time, but there is something especially sweet about having a new little one at Christmas time. Many blessings to your family. (Hope to meet the little guy at the next Logos meeting!)

Tiff (Amber Miller) Stockton said...

Congrats. Your family is just adorable, and despite all the struggle, Jayden is sure to make it all worthwhile. Your two girls have a little brother, and when he grows up, he'll have fun "protecting" them. :)

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I'm posting weekly updates on baby growth for now on my blog. Once the baby is born, I'll be sure to post pictures and even more stories...if I have time. LOL!


Rel said...

Oh my, Marlo! What a story. So glad the two of you came out of it really well (for the most part - I feel your pain!).

What a wonderful blessing Jayden will be to your family :)

Love and hugs

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Yay! So cute. Thank you for sharing. Today is baby day!!!



Ausjenny said...

Oh wow what a time you had. but congrats on the birth of jayden.