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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

News & Such

Hi Friends,

I'm packing up today to head out to the International Christian Retailing Show in Orlando. My plane leaves very early, so I've got to get completely ready today. Soooo, what that means for you is that no big blog post here today. BUT, I do have a few fun things to share. And they are . . .

1) I did a "When I Was Just a Kid" interview for the website/blog with that name. It turned out really fun. So, if you'd like to read a bit about me as a kid and see some old pictures (like me with my first horse, me with baseball great Dusty Baker, me and my Grampie, and MORE!), check it out at:

2) I had a meeting for the women's retreat I'll be speaking at this fall (October 10-12) on Monday, and WOW, this is going to be a fantastic retreat. God's delight and creativity have been so evident in the planning so far. I'm just in awe ... and excited to be a part of it! The theme is "UNWRAPPED! Revealing the Wonder." So, if you're going to be anywhere near the Salinas, CA area on that weekend, you should definitely consider coming! The retreat is sponsored by Salinas Valley Community Church. It's gonna be great! (And you SVCCers who read my blog ... make sure you sign up early. You won't want to miss!)

3) And since I just can't leave you with nothing to think about, here's a poem I wrote some time ago about the darkness and God's light:

The Moth
by Marlo Schalesky

As a moth is drawn to light,
So am I drawn to You, my God.
Though the darkness presses in around me,
And my wings have wearied in the night,
Though I beat against unrelenting glass,
Still my heart longs for Your light.
I will keep flying, fluttering, straining
To be closer, closer, closer yet
To You, my desire, my life, my love,
Closer to Jesus, my Light.