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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

CONTEST is UP!! And Today's the Day!!

Hi Friends!

Today's the BIG DAY! BEYOND THE NIGHT releases to stores. Whoo Hoo! So, hurry and go get your copy! Or, of course, you can always order online (see the links on the fiction page of my website at http://www.marloschalesky.com/html/fiction.html). You'll need that copy because . . .


Yes! You can win a fun-filled bag of Beyond the Night related items just by doing one of four things. There's something for everyone, so CLICK on the link below to find out how to win a distinctive canvas gift bag filled with chocolate, perfume (or cologne), bookmarks, Braille scripture, and other fun items for you to enjoy!

Click the link to be taken to my brand new CONTEST page on my website to read all about it: http://www.marloschalesky.com/html/contest.html

I hope you'll join in the fun contest and solve the puzzle, or tell your friends, or take a picture, or post to your blog! It's going to be great, so join in!!

And last but not least, a thought about the wonder of walking with God:

There is a place beyond the darkness, beyond the night, that you can only reach by going through that darkness. There is beauty, a wonder, a mystery that awaits those who persevere through trials, who hang on even in the dark. There is an incredible light beyond the night of doubt, of hurt, of struggle. But you can only get there by facing the darkness with truth, with honesty, with white-knuckled fists beating on the chest of God. Just as there was no resurrection without the blackness of the cruxifiction, so we may only reach the new, wondrous places God has prepared for us by going through our own times of darkness and hanging on to Him through them. So, for those of you in the darkness, hang on, my friends! For those coming out into a new light, rejoice and bask in the beauty. For those afraid of the dark, it's okay, His perfect love will drive out your fear. May God bless you and fill your day with wonder.


Rel said...

It's a wonderful story, Marlo! Congratulations :)