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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Women of the Bible Speak Out - Concept and Cover Reveal!

Hi Friends,

I wanted to share with you the new cover for my next book, releasing on June 1st. Here it is!

And here's the original concept for the book...

The recent #MeToo movement has given voice to millions of women struggling through experiences of gender-based harassment and/or physical violence. What’s been overlooked in this needed, new conversation is that the problem isn’t new. In fact, the Bible is filled with women who endured undeserved abuse and hardship from men—living in societies that treated them as second-class citizens, where their lives were subject to systematic male domination legally, religiously, socially, in their own families and homes.
What if the women of Scripture could speak out in a #MeToo movement of their own? 
What stories would they would tell? 
What would they reveal about God, and faith, and life? 
How did an oppressed and/or victimized woman encounter God in biblical times? How did these women keep faith when they’re bodies were considered “spoils of war” or the properties of their husbands? When they were socially outcast simply for being infertile, or being unwed? How did these women approach God? How did God meet those girls, communicate his love and goodness to them? What did they learn about God’s goodness in the midst of harshness? What can women today learn from the lives they led?
Perhaps it’s time we found out.