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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Faith with Feet (or Hooves) - Asking for Prayer for Our New Endeavor!

Hi Friends,

I wanted to share with you the new flyer for Wonder Wood Ranch and ask you to pray that we will be able to reach kids with the hope and wonder of our amazing God through this new endeavor. We have our "Hope for the Homeless" event coming up in a couple weeks - please pray that many homeless kids (and their moms) will be able to come and experience the horses, trails, donkeys, miniature horses, bunnies, and yes, even the chickens! 

This week I've had wonder-FULL meetings with some fantastic people from the city's Community Alliance for Safety and Peace as well as a great meeting with the city's police chief who has connected me with the Police Activities League. God is moving, the need is great, and we look forward to bringing hope through horses to our hurting community!

Read more about it in the flyer, and if you're able to donate and/or volunteer, we sure would appreciate it! We are so new that we need SO many things to make the experience LIFE-filled and WONDER-filled for the kids. (The next thing I want to try to do is add archery for the kids to try! I can think of ALL kinds of life lessons I can share through archery analogies … you know me, always with the life-analogies!) 

Anyway, may your faith have feet in your own circles and communities, and may you bring life, light, love, joy, and WONDER to everyone and anyone you can! Hope and blessings to you, my friends!!