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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Have You Read Veil of Fire? Here's Your Chance!

Hi Friends,

Do you ever feel like you've been burned by life? Do you feel hurt, scarred, and sometimes just want to hide? Do you long for the hope of Jesus' aletheia (unhidden truth)?  If so...

Here's some great news -- my publisher will be offering Veil of Fire FREE for two days as an ebook, starting THURSDAY Feb 19 thru FRIDAY Feb 20. Afterward, it will be for sale at the greatly-reduced price of $2.99 until March 21.  After that, it goes back to the regular ebook price of $9.99.  So, if you missed this ACFW Book of the Year winner, and want a compelling, hope-and-wonder filled read full of mystery and an unexpected twist … now's your chance to snatch up a copy.  (Remember, sale starts Thursday!)

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And here's a bit about it:
A Raging Firestorm . . .
A Light in the Hills . . .
And a Mystery Rises from the Ash.

In 1894, the worst firestorm in Minnesota history descends on the town of Hinckley.  Heat, flame, and darkness sweep through the town, devouring lives, destroying hope.  In the aftermath, the town rises from the ashes, its people determined to rebuild their lives. 

But in the shadows, someone is watching.  Someone is waiting.  Someone who knows the secrets that can free them all.  A rumor begins of a hermit in the hills - a person severely burned, disfigured beyond recognition.  Doubts rise.  Fear whispers.  Is the hermit a monster or a memory?  An enemy or a love once-lost? 

Based on historical events, Veil of Fire beckons to a time when hope rose from the smoke of sacrifice, when trust hid behind a veil of fear, when dreams were robed in a mantle of fire . . .

And here's the opening:
Sometimes, when the wind blows just right over the fields, I can still smell the spice of her perfume. Sometimes, when the dandelion seeds dip and twirl across the sky, I see the way the silk slipped through her fingers, how the needle flashed in her hands. In and out. In and out. The seam straight, perfect. I pause to listen to the warble of a common loon, and in it hear the soft echo of her laughter. Lilting. Faint. Fading.

Then the sky turns dark. The wind stills. The bird is silenced. And in that moment, I am returned to the day my world burned. The day that changed everything I am, everything I was.

Listen, the silence whispers.
See, the darkness beckons.
So I wait. I remember. And in that quiet, in-between place, she lives again.

If you still aren't convinced...
What Others are Saying about Veil of Fire:
Reading Veil of Fire is like feasting on a banquet of rich words and vivid images.
─Tricia Goyer, award-winning author of five novels, including A Valley of Betrayal

Moving. Heartbreaking. Compelling. This beautiful, sensitive story of pain, loss, and, ultimately, healing touched the deepest parts of my heart. 
 ─Laura Jensen Walker, author of Miss Invisible and Reconstructing Natalie

A truly gifted storyteller, Marlo Schalesky has woven a beautiful tale that confronts readers with truth and the character of God. Her lyrical style and deep characterization will transport you into a story populated with unforgettable characters.
─Judith Miller, author of the Bells of Lowell, Lights of Lowell, and Freedom’s Path series

Veil of Fire is a lovely, well-crafted story of love and loss, redemption and restoration. Marlo Schalesky has written an original, unpredictable story that will stay with me for a long, long time.
─Annette Smith, author of A Bigger Life