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Friday, July 25, 2014

A Dream to Die For . . .

Hi Friends,

I'd wanted this post for "Throwback Thursday" yesterday, but alas, the day got away from me, so here it is for Throwback Friday (which doesn't quite have the same ring to it).  Anyway, I wrote this over 20 years ago (!!!) and it still warms my heart and gives me hope and vision for today.  It's what I think Jesus is whispering in our souls.

So here you go, enjoy this word from Jesus, soak in it, and wrap yourself in the love of Christ today!

A Dream to Die For
a Message from Christ

Listen to my dream ... a dream beyond imagination, a dream of love, a dream of life, a dream that echoes though all the annals of time, from the foundation of the world through its destruction, a dream of passion and sacrifice ... yes, a dream to die for.  
In my dream, I saw you there, you, who I love more than all of my creation.  You were so beautiful, a spotless image, vibrant, free.  The sun shimmered across your radiant garments and shone bright in your face.  You took my breath away as we danced through the fields of heaven, hand in hand, our laughter ringing unhindered through the trees.  Eternity sang for us, you and I, a young couple newly in love.
And I longed for my dream to become reality.  I yearned to take you in my arms and love you.  How my heart cried out for you, but you would not hear.  I called to you, wept for you, dreamt for you, but my voice echoed back to me in the silence.  Why would you not hear me?  Why would you not share my dream?
So, I came to you, lowly, as a babe in a manger.  I became like you so that you might know me and love me.  But, it was not enough.  No, still you scorned me and turned away.  Still I dreamt for you dreams of love and laughter, dreams of freedom, of joy.  But, you would not join me.  Why would you not dance with me?
So, I healed your wounds, cured your illnesses, forgave your sins.  I walked with you and talked with you.  I showed you the dream.  Yet, you would not stay with me.  I answered your prayers, and you thanked me, and were gone.  Why did you still flee from me?  Did not my love flow freely through my hands, my voice, my heart?  Why would you not share my dream?
So, I offered myself up for you.  As I was spat upon and mocked, it was your face I held in my mind.  When I was accused, I remained silent.  For the dream, I was silent.  As the cords bit deep into my back, I whispered a prayer for you.  As blood spattered onto the cold ground, it was for you that I did not cry out.  I saw you there before me, dressed in white, pure, blameless, and beautiful.  When they stripped me and divided my clothes among them, I remembered the dream.  But, still it was not enough.  You cried out, "Crucify him!  Crucify him!"  Though I bled for you, you would not share my dream.
When the nails were driven deep, all I saw was you.  The price was not too high for such a beautiful bride, the love of my life.  Do you know how much I loved you then?  I can still feel the piercing pain as the spikes drove deep and blood coursed onto bare flesh.  Yet, it was not enough.  You scorned me still.  Why would you not dance with me?  Did not the nails prove my love for you?
So, I dreamt again of you, and loved you.  I saw you there, as I hung above the earth.  All I wanted was to give you my love.  All I had left was my life.  I gave it for you.
Yes, I had a dream, a dream of you and I, together forever, a dream of love, of joy, of eternity.  So, I spread my arms and died.  

It was enough.  Share my dream.