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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Of Zombies and Facing Fears

Hi Friends,

This week, for Halloween (and in honor of the zombie movie we watched and discussed in our community group this week), I thought I'd share Jayna's spooky story from first grade.  Enjoy! And use this as a reminder that sometimes the things that chase us in life aren't as scary as we think they are. Maybe we just need to turn around and face them … with God at our side and in our center!

Jayna's story:

The Zombie Follows Me

A long time ago there was a zombie.  The zombie loved to sleep in my blankets.  It ate my food.  Then I ran down the stairs.  The zombie followed me.  I ran faster.  It ran faster too.  I stopped.  “What do you want?”  It held up my cereal bowl.  “Milk, please.”