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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Finding a Heart of Worship

Hi Friends,

If you come to my house when Jayden's home, you'll leave with two things:  A stack of carefully-crafted drawings and a fistful of "fowlers" picked from our yard.  Because at four years old, that boy loves to give to others what he loves most - and that's drawings and wildflowers.  And he gives wildly, freely, joyously, abundantly.

He gives with a heart of worship.

He gives when he's feeling a little down.  He gives when he's happy.  He gives when everything doesn't go his way.

It doesn't matter what the circumstances are - he draws his drawings, his picks his flowers, and he gives them to those he loves ... which is pretty much everyone.

And in doing so, he challenges me to do the same.  He calls me to worship God in all circumstances by bringing him my wildflowers and my drawings, no matter if I'm sad or happy, fearful or fulfilled.

Jayden calls me to worship God with all I am, all I love ... with joy, with abandon, with abundance on those days when the sun is shining, life is beautiful, and I'm caught up in the wonder of God's love for me.  And he calls me to worship with all I am, all I love, with joy, abandon, and abundance when life is rainy, things aren't the way I hoped and prayed, and I'm caught up in grief and sorrow and fears for what will be.

Jayden calls me to keep drawing and give my drawings away.  He calls me to still hunt for the flowers in my life, and give them away too.  To God, to others ... because of joy ... because of love.

So today, may I pause for just a moment over bedraggled dandelions and scrubby purple flowers held in mud-stained fists.  May I catch a whiff of wonder as I take them in my hands, hear the words "for you," and place them in a crystal vase.

May I receive Jayden's love as I receive God's - fully, abundantly, so I can give it back again.  So I can bring God my bedraggled wildflowers and spread the aroma of his love to everyone I meet.

May I worship God in a dozen little ways that are unique to me - with the drawings and wildflowers of my heart - in the midst of my day.  And may I share that love with others.

Because maybe, just maybe, my drawings are on the frig of heaven and my flowers are in a crystal vase beside Him.