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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Are You Making Music With God?

Hi Friends,

Bethany got out her guitar this week, and I was reminded of this story:

Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart . . .

Matthew 11:29 (NIV)

Small brows furrowed in concentration. Small fingers pressed hard on guitar frets. Small thumbs thrummed the strings.

And music filled the room – awkward, off-key, clashing music. But to my mommy-ears, the sounds were sweet.

Bethany and Joelle, my two young daughter

s, were working so hard to learn how to play real music on their brand new kids’ guitars. They sat on short stools in front of their dad, with their guitars on t

heir laps and their fingers poised over the strings.

Bryan held his own guitar (adult-sized, of course) and strummed the chord again. A perfect C warbled from his instrument. He paused. “See, like that. Now you try.” He placed the girls’ fingers on the proper frets one more time.

They tried again – studying the way Daddy did it, checking their own fingers, and playing the note. Studying, checking, trying again. Boldly, joyfully, with Daddy’s help.

It wasn’t perfect, but each time, the sound improved. By the end, their fingers were dented by the strings, their picks were well worn, and they had almost learned to produce a decent C chord.

But most importantly, they were happy. Glowing. Why? Because they were playing guitar, just like Daddy.

For us, Jesus is our Master Musician. I’m called to be like Him, to learn from Him. Doing that, I’ve come to realize, isn’t a whole lot different from my girls learning to play guitar.

Jesus is making music all around me. If I pay attention, I can make music too. It may not be perfect. It may a little off-key, a little awkward. But if I practice and watch the master musician – if I allow him to move my fingers along the frets, I too can play the notes of heaven, and bring beautiful music into the lives of those around me.

So, today, study, check, and try again. Play joyfully and boldly, with your gaze fixed on the Master Musician who is gentle and humble in heart.

TRY THIS: Close your eyes and listen to a piece of classical music. Focus on the way the harmonies blend together to create beautiful music. Notice that there are high notes and low notes, sharps and flats. Pray that you will recognize Jesus’ music in all the different “notes” of your day.