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Friday, August 26, 2011

When Life's Murky...

Hi Friends,

In my heart, I'm a scientist. Got my BS in Chemisty, taught high biology, and worked in the research department of a pharmeceutical company. I guess it all started in the seventh grade when I first looked through a microscope at a drop of pond water. I still remember my amazement at all that I could see through the microscope – dozens of little amoeba, paramecium, and specks of who-knew-what. The water teemed with life and activity that had been invisible to my naked eye.

Since then, through years of life that rarely goes as expected, I've discovered that life itself is a lot like a drop of murky pond water. It's often unclear, difficult to see through, and hard to understand.

But faith is a microscope. It shows me what I cannot see without it. Without faith, God’s hand in my life, his workings, his glory, are all invisible to me. All I see is the murky, yucky-ness.

When I look at life through the microsope of faith, through the lens of hope -- when I focus in on God and his workings even in the small stuff, then I truly see. God is moving. There is LIFE in the murkiness, and there is PURPOSE even in the muck.

May you see even the smallest details of your life today through the eyes of faith and hope. May you focus in through the muck, see the hand of God, and be filled with AMAZEMENT!