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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dragons of Chiril by Donita K. Paul

Hi Friends,

Here's the new book I have to tell you about this week: Dragons of Chiril by Donita K. Paul. Well, it's not exactly new, it's a re-release, with a new title, of Donita's previous book, The Vanishing Sculptor. Here's what Donita has to say about it:

The Vanishing Sculptor confused people, well, mainly my readers. They said the title sounded like a mystery. Was I writing mysteries now? Where are the dragons? Come on, Mrs. Paul, we want dragons. So Vanishing Sculptor got shelved and in its place came Dragons of Chiril. The title fits better with Dragons of the Valley, the second book in the Chiril Chronicles, and Dragons of the Watch, the third book. Dragons of Chiril comes out on June 21st, 2011. You could say it has been reborn, but not in the spiritual sense. There is one sentence in the whole book that is different. LOL I wonder if sharp readers will be emailing me.

I’m not worried. The feedback I’ve gotten so far is that the title and cover are much more suitable. Of course, there is the one reader who liked the first title better.

The story is:
Before DragonSpell, on a different continent and a different time, a young emerlindian’s desperate decision threatens to disrupt the foundation of the world.Tipper has been caring for her family’s estate for years now, ever since her father disappeared, making a living by selling off his famous artwork. Then she learns that three statues she sold were carved from an ancient foundation stone, and the fabric of her reality is crumbling. She must find the three statues and reunite them, positioned exactly in the right form.She must free her father and save the world. But she can’t do it alone.Her ragtag band of adventurers includes Beccaroon, a giant parrot; Bealomondore, an aristocratic young artist; a handsome dragonkeeper prince; the Wizard Fenworth; and the tumanhofer librarian Librettowit. Together they travel through valleys and kingdoms and consort with purveyors of good and agents of evil to find and reunite the missing statues. Will they learn to rely on Wulder’s grace and guidance along the way?

Dragons of the Watch will be the last book in this series. It comes out in October.