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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Horse Show & The Thief on the Cross

Hi Friends,

Well, we had our first gymkhana show of 2011 on Saturday -- my first show since last July. Besides me, Bryan, Bethany, Joelle, and Jayna also rode. We had LOTS of fun, and Jayna even won high point in her division (FC 10 and Under). She was the youngest rider there. Bethany posted her fastest times ever, and Joelle also had her best times on Ruby. Bryan bettered his times on Smokey by a ton, but still didn't beat Jewel (though he did edge her out for the overall "A" division title). Anyway, it was fun to be back in the saddle and running events. Yay!

In other news, we had a wonder-filled Easter thinking about how Jesus died for us and rose again to beat death and forgive our sins forever. On that note, here are some thoughts about the thieves who were crucified with Jesus:

After pondering the story of Jesus' death and resurrection this past weekend, I've come to realize that we are all the thief on the cross. The only question is, are we the thief who recognizes who we are and cries out for Jesus to remember us? Or are we the one who mocks Jesus because we don't really believe He is the God who will beat death and rescue us? Of course, we all want to be the wise thief ... but how do we live? Do we live each day as if we are trusting and believing in the One who will save us? Do we face our own crosses, our fears, difficulties, and disappointments by looking to Him and casting ourselves on His mercy? Do we really live in submission, hope, and trust? Or are we hanging there in our fears, bitterness, and discouragement and trying to handle it all alone, pushing Him away, not truly believing His plan for us?

As you ponder those questions, here is a little poem that I wrote about the saved thief a few years ago. May you remember to cast your cares on Him today and know that He remembers you!

The Thief
Luke 23:35-43

Hung upon a cross to die
Was just what I deserved.
A thief was I, a scoundrel.
No plea had I reserved.
But Him, on the other hand,
Who hung there at my side,
He had not killed nor stolen,
He had not even lied.
Why hung He there, so sadly,
Amid the mocks and jeers,
Mutt'ring not a single word
Among His silent tears?
"Save yourself," they screamed at Him.
"And us," my partner cried.
He just turned and looked at me
And quietly He sighed.
Suddenly I spoke my heart,
My fears began to flee.
"When you get into your kingdom, Lord
Please remember me."