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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reflections from Ephesians 2:10

Photo by David Craton Photography
used by permission
Hi Friends,

I've been looking through Ephesians lately and came across one of my favorite verses in the Greek, Ephesians 2:10, which when translated reads something like: For we are His masterpiece, having been created in Christ Jesus for good works which God before-prepared, that in them we may walk.

There are three things I love about this verse.

First, we are GOD'S masterpiece. He is working creatively to perfect us, make us beautiful, form us into the vision He has for us. Our job is to be pliable in His hands, not to figure out the mold and squeeze ourselves into it. God will shape us with kind, loving hands. That's His job.

Second, God has already PREPARED (not just "assigned") the good works that He has for us. He's made ready special works that are just for me, and just for you. He has laid out the pieces we need to do what He's asked. So, we are not unprepared. God Himself has made them ready just for us.

Third, we're not just to do the works, but walk in them. The Greek there for "walk" literally says "walk around." So, there's the feel not of a good works to-do list, but these good things that God has prepared for us to walk around in, to live in, experience and become.

So, good works are prepared especially for each of us and as we walk around in them, we are molded and polished and formed into the masterpiece He has in mind ... each of us unique and wondrous creations of the God who loves us.

For me that's a huge encouragement. I don't need to force my own plans into my life. I don't need to compare my success with others. I don't need to fret because things don't work out the way I want them to. God has prepared the good works for me. They are a gift, not a task. Now, I may walk around in them. I have a chance to live them.

So, I just need to walk. That's all. God says to me "This is the way, walk ye in it." (Isaiah 30:21) So, I just need to go forward, love Him, and be looking for ways to love others, ways that He has already prepared for.

That's the wonder of my walk, your walk, with a VIVID God.

What work has God prepared specifically for you to walk around in??