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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Are You Walking a Rocky Path? Don't Give Up!

Hi Friends,

I've been considering lately when it is that we can usually best see God's glory. When is our vision clearer? When are we most likely to catch a glimpse of the wonder? And as I was thinking, I was reminded of a hiking trip to Yosemite from several years ago.

On that trip, the hiking trail zig-zagged up the mountain in a long line, studded with stones. I shifted my backpack and continued the climb. At points, the path narrowed to a thin strip or rose at angles steeper than I’d expected. In other places, I stumbled over sharp rocks covered with moss. At one point, a stream blocked the trail, forcing me to balance precariously on a fallen tree trunk to continue my journey. The trek was more than a casual Sunday hike, but I deemed it worth the work, for the view from the trail was breathtaking. Snow-capped cliffs lifted majestic faces over the lush, green valley. Proud pines rose like mighty sentinels guarding the sky. Rare flowers, dressed like princesses at a royal ball, swayed in the breeze. These sights could only be seen from the mountainside. And I knew that as I climbed higher, I would see things even more lovely.

Life is like that, too. And walking in God’s ways is a lot like hiking. The climb can be difficult, and the path rocky, but the view is beyond compare. With each step, we see more clearly the glory of God.

So, today, if rocks pile up before you, take a moment to look at the view – the tall pines of God’s love, the soaring cliffs of his righteousness, and the multi-colored flowers of His daily blessings in your life.

Look up, breathe deeply, and keep on going up the path. And may His wonder surround you at every step, whether rocky or smooth.


Anonymous said...

I live with the constant rocks of rheumatoid arthritis. Inspite of the difficulties of walking when my feet hurt, I daily take a prayer walk. I am blessed to live in Salt Lake City where on every walk I see God's Glory in the magnificent Rocky Mountains, I hear His Glory being sung by the birds & I feel His Glory & power in the breeze from the mountains that also carries the wonderful smells of the Glory of Nature that He alone has blessed us with. Always, as I finish my prayer walk, the pain has taken a back seat & the Glory of God has become the lasting sense from my walk.

Marlo Schalesky said...

Thanks so much for sharing - what a powerful testimony to God's glory and strength. Blessings and strength to you, especially for your prayer walks!!