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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year

Hi Friends,

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy, Happy New Year! May this coming year be one in which you discover God's love for you in new and amazing ways. May His presence guide you and comfort you. May you grow in wisdom, increase in gratefulness, and know Jesus in deeper ways.

And along those lines, I offer you a prayer poem for the New Year:

The Moth
by Marlo Schalesky

As a moth is drawn to light,
So am I drawn to You, my God.
Though the darkness presses in around me,
And my wings have wearied in the night,
Though I beat against unrelenting glass,
Still my heart longs for Your light.
I will keep flying, fluttering, straining
To be closer, closer, closer yet
To You, my desire, my life, my love,
Closer to Jesus, my Light.

Blessings and Wonder to you, my friends!