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Monday, November 9, 2009

Jayna's Arm

Hi Friends,

For those who haven't heard, one of my four-year-old twins, Jayna, broke her arm up near the shoulder on Friday night (by falling off a chair - not a very interesting way to break an arm, huh?). Here she is with it in a sling, and wrapped. She's feeling fairly good in the daytime, though nights are tough.

We were hoping to see the orthopedic doc today, but he's in surgery all day so we have to wait until tomorrow. We'll know a lot more, we hope, after we get in to the doc.

Yes, this is the same kid who cut her own hair ... twice, fell down the steps, splatted into a coat rack and got a black tooth, fell off her bike, and probably about ten other things just this year. Not the most careful pea in the pod! Very good natured little girl, though.

Anyway, all prayers welcome! I'll have to get another magazine article out of this experience, somehow (one good thing about being a writer - nothing's wasted!).

Meanwhile, I'm supposed to be doing my substantive edits on my next novel - ack!