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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fun Firsts this week

Hi Friends!

Lots of fun firsts this week. Jayden started crawling. He's been working up to it for a week, and finally figured out how to get all the "pieces" together.

Then, Bria and Jayna rode horses by themselves (without someone leading the horse) for the first time this week. I showed them how to rein and to stop. They did okay, not great yet, but they sat up nice and straight and held the reins well. More practice for them!

Here's Jayna on the horse.
And below is Bria.
I was reminded again of how God works with us to teach us the things we need to know and help us grow into the people He envisions us to be.

He doesn't expect us to start running right away - we learn to crawl first, little by little. And learning to be like Jesus is a lot like learning to ride. We just have to keep practicing, getting better a little at a time, learning how to rein ourselves in the right way to go, how to stop ourselves when we need to - and then, only later, do we learn to go faster in the things that are right.

So, may you learn how to turn the right way, stop when needed, and look forward to picking up your speed in the days, months, and years to come!
Blessings and wisdom to you, my friends!


Edna said...

such sweet children