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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Giving Thanks from My World of Writing

Hi Friends,

I thought I’d post early this week since we’ll all be busy getting ready for Thanksgiving later in the week (and I have my next doc appt on Wednesday anyway, which is when I normally post).

So, in honor of Thanksgiving, I wanted to share a bit about what I’m most thankful for as a writer:

First, I’m thankful for the chance to partner with God in the creative process. Sometimes it feels like I’m listening in on his musings. And I’m finding that there’s a moment in every book when I see something, when I write something, that I never planned, didn’t, and didn’t realize the story had been leading up to. That’s when I feel the touch of God, I sense His pleasure, and it’s like getting a glimpse of heaven. I love those moments . . . those flashes when I know that this is what God has been doing, and the story impacts my heart and life in some new and wondrous way.

Of course, don’t ask me about those other times – when I’m staring at the blank screen, the clock is ticking, and I can’t think of a single thing to write that doesn’t sound like the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. There are plenty of those times too.
But I gotta say, those moments when I glimpse God’s vision for a story are worth all the others when I don’t.

I’m also so thankful for the chance to touch readers’ lives and hearts. What a wonderful privilege to have an opportunity to reveal God’s wonder in the written word.

And I’m so thankful to those of you who have written to me to tell me how my stories have impacted you, or how you’ve enjoyed them. Your encouragement and kindness mean so much to me!

So, now, may I wish you Happy Thanksgiving filled with moments of wonder, glimpses of His beauty, and breath-taking whispers of God’s love for you!

(P.S. Hopefully my next post will have some baby news! Check back next week!)